Entitled Millenial Can’t Live in San Francisco On Yelp Wages

I don’t know if I am sympathetic or apathetic to this young woman. At 10 years her senior I’d be lying if this article didn’t make me roll my eyes on multiple occasions. But…this girl writes quite well and makes some very valid points as well. On the other hand boohoo, go find a better job or move to a growing city with a substantially lower cost of living.

I get that San Francisco is awesome, I dig it there too but even as a six-digit earner I wouldn’t even dream of relocating there. I recently looked into a job in Portlandia and you know what I just couldn’t afford the quality of living I am accustomed to here in the South. $600k+ for a smaller house than I have here in Florida; no thanks. But I digress, I like what this girl has to say and I don’t like it at the same time. Life is not fair and its sure as hell not easy, sometimes you just have keep at it or give up and find a better fit. Yelp, you’re not yelping anyone by having these level of hourly wage earners in one of America’s most expensive cities. Open a call center in Florida like everyone else.

Talia Ben-Ora

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