Robert Maddrey

robert-maddrey-400x400Born and raised in Tampa, Florida I am a second-generation native Floridian who grew up in the quiet suburb of Lutz in Northwest Hillsborough County. A second-generation graduate from the University of South Florida I followed in both of my parents’ footsteps and acquired degrees in both Management Information Systems, History and Political Science. I even minored in British Lit as an homage to my mother who indoctrinated me into the wise words of British poets like William Butler Yeats from a very young age. I am now a proud alumnus of the University of South Florida who enjoys being part of the alumni association (Atlanta Chapter) and rooting on our USF Bulls football and basketball teams.

In 2011 after 9 years of “dating”, I married the lovely Laura Maddrey (formerly Laura Seymour) of Deland, Florida with whom I’ve enjoyed sharing nearly every day of my adult life. My greatest advocate, biggest supporter, and most honest critic, Laura is the best wife (I know everyone says that, but it’s true) a man could ever hope to have. Bleeding heart animal lovers we have 4 cats and 1 very crazy dog all of whom were rescues. Our furry family, they’re all unique and very much an integral part of our lives.

2016, was an exciting year that ushered in some dramatic changes for our family. In January I found out that I was going to be laid off in April along with my entire department following a recent private equity acquisition. Having been offered severance it was at once a terrifying and liberating time that offered us the unique opportunity to explore job markets outside of Florida. By May of that year, we had our house in Tampa on the market and had relocated to metro Atlanta where I had accepted a job offer with an Atlanta-based medical device manufacturer. 

Then came 2017…and after a long wait on October 12th, my wife and I were very happy to welcome our beautiful daughter Cora into the world. Then in April of 2019, we welcomed our second daughter, Savannah to the family. Suffice to say life has never been the same. A proud father of two very clever and precocious little girls. there is not a day that goes by that I do not enjoy being a dad. Together we enjoy traveling and exploring the world, one road trip, train ride, and adventure at a time. 

In 2003 Laura and I co-founded Down Shift Magazine and I suppose more accurately, DSH, LLC the parent company of Down Shift Magazine. Born out of a mutual love of cars and autosports (we met at a Nissan Z club meet-up in Gainesville, FL) and a desire to build a creative outlet for both ourselves and our friends it’s been a fun 17+ years of shooting races, meeting celebrities and getting to work with some of the nation’s best models, photographers and motorsports enthusiasts. 

An avid reader (when I can find the time) I most recently completed  Erik Larson’s “Devil on the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair that Changed America” and Dennis Lehane’s “Live By Night.” I’m not sure what is next on the reading list having resisted the urge to read Fire and Fury and the rest of the current crop of political exposes. Perhaps a re-read of Alexandre Dumont’s Count of Monte Cristo…a book I fell in love with, way back in 8th grade and have never found the time to pick back up as an adult.